TCA Capital Projects & Service Tenders

Every year, TCA Board undertakes some capital projects to improve the infrastructure at Telfair. These capital projects could be either a repair or refurbishment of existing facilities, such as pools refurbishment, fence replacement or construction of new facilities such as Pickleball courts construction. New projects are undertaken after a review of TCA reserves and after ensuring that our reserves are sufficient. During 2023, TCA Board is undertaking below major capital expenditures:

Repair / Refurbishments (already ongoing)

1. Pools refurbishment : Cost approx. 110 K$

2. Fence replacement : Cost approx. 225 K$

3. Landscaping improvement : Cost approximately 300 K$

New Projects:

1. Pickleball Courts : Cost approx. 130 K$

2. Permanent festival lights : Cost approx. 45 K$

3. Gym. Expansion : Cost approx. 470 K$

In addition to capital projects, TCA Board is fully committed to get the best service and optimum prices from its vendors. With that in mind, the Board runs tender exercise for our contracts in transparent and ethical manner, with strong emphasis on quality. Below you will also find the tender documents for the major services which are released by TCA Board in recent time.