Telfair Amenities

Telfair is proud of its many amenities, most of which are available to residents free of charge. Telfair amenities can be accessed using the electronic FOB which are issued to the residents when they move in. If you don’t have a FOB or want to get a replacement, please contact the Management office at Telfair Central Hall. An indemnity waiver needs to be signed (only one waiver for all amenities, one time only) by residents for using the facilities. This waiver can be submitted at the TCH office or by mail to

Reservations: For sports facilities, such as Tennis courts, Table tennis, Basketball, Badminton, and Volleyball, a reservation is preferred. Court reservations can be made by residents up to a week in advance using the website

You need a username and password to use this service and If you have not registered for the Reservations System, contact the Telfair Office Team at or by phone at 832-678-4505 on weekdays between 9 am to 6 pm. Reservations are for 30-minute slots combinable to a 90-minute block total. You must have your key fob to enter the courts and you must have signed a waiver form at the TCA office. If a court is unreserved then it can be used by a resident on a first come first serve basis, however, the resident who has made a reservation will have priority of access.

Telfair Central Hall (TCH) facilities are available for Telfair Residents only. To enter the parking lot, any courts, and building you must use your key fob. Telfair Central Hall has 2 different sized rooms exclusively for Telfair Residents to rent with a nominal rental fee, according to room size. Users will also pay a fully refundable security deposit of $100, $200, or $300 depending on the rooms rented. Stop by the facility or contact us at 832-678-4505 during business hours to inquire about or reserve a room. You will find a flyer giving the rental rates at the bottom of this page.

Gymnasium: Our fitness room is located inside the building down the main hall. It is available for residents to use with cardio equipment, free weights, and weight machines. The workout room is open every day, 5 a.m. - 10 p.m. Residents must leave the facility by 10 p.m. or the alarm will sound. 

Swimming Pools: Telfair also has two pools which are operated during summer seasons (May to October). Pools are open 6 days a week when the area schools are closed (Early June to mid-August). Pools open only on weekends when the schools are in season (May and mid-August till October end). The pool schedule for every year is circulated to the residents and will also be posted on this page (in the documents below).

Telfair also has a Basketball Court, Volleyball court & Avalon pavilion for residents to use. Detailed policies for the use of each of these amenities can be found below on this page.

We hope that you will enjoy using TCA amenities. You can always contribute to their improvement by providing feedback to or joining the committee to manage these amenities.