Community FAQ

When questions/concerns are submitted through who gets the request? How long should I anticipate it taking to get a response?

All questions/concerns that are submitted through should receive an e-mailed response within 72 business hours.

Note: If for some reason you do not receive a response within the 72 hour period, please resubmit your request.

Is TownSq the only website for community-wide communication and information?

Yes, TownSq is the site used for the community news and information. By logging into your account you will access to a wide range of useful information and tools such as: Governing Documents, Forms, Meeting Dates and Times, Meeting Minutes, Hall Rental Information and so much more.

What do I do if I notice landscaping that needs attention?

Please submit your concern through TownSq or Your management team will either respond letting you know that our community landscaper has been notified or they may need you to contact the LID in an effort to get the issue resolved.
Please note that approximately 60% of landscaping throughout Telfair is owned and maintained by LID #17. This includes but is not limited to the Lakes and Walking Trails and in some cases Telfair parks also.

How do I know if something belongs to LID #17?

Everything around the Lakes (Bridges, Trails, Landscaping, etc.) typically belongs to the LID, including some parks and signage. If you are in doubt you are welcome to contact the LID directly or you can submit a request through and we will be able to assist.

LID #17 Contact Information:

Flavia Valle


Note: Residents are encouraged to attend LID meetings. They are held on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 11:30 am. Meeting location: 3200 Southwest Freeway, Suite 2600, Houston, TX 77027.

Does Telfair have events for the community to enjoy?

Yes! Telfair hosts several community events throughout the year for the owners to enjoy.
Calendar of events is decided by the Social committee every year and circulated to the residents through Email. Reminders are sent before each event. Typical events are SpringFest, Movie on the green, International festival, Adult Social, Photos with Santas.

Events are for Telfair residents only. All events are posted and sent through TownSq to all homeowners who

have registered on TownSq.

Do owners have the opportunity to look at the community financials?

The budget is mailed out yearly to all residents, with the annual assessment letter. Please note that the budget is also discussed at the annual meeting which is held on the third Tuesday in January.

What are the yearly Assessments and what does that money cover?

As of 2023 the new lowered base annual assessment for the Telfair community is $750. They have done this by continuously bidding out necessary work.

Some of the items covered by the HOA Assessment include but are not limited to: Pools, Splash Pads, Parks, The Community Center, Fitness Center, Tennis Courts, Deed Restrictions, HOA Landscaping, Playground Equipment, Administrative Expenses and Utility Expenses.

Area - A
The owners living in Area A pay an additional assessment, which is primarily the cost of front yard landscaping maintenance. The budget for the additional assessment is also mailed to all homeowners with their annual $750 assessment.

Area - B
The owners living in Area B pay an additional assessment, which is primarily used to maintain the lush landscaping within the common area as well as fountain monthly maintenance.

The budget for the additional assessment is also mailed to all homeowners with their annual $750 assessment.

How are the Deed Restrictions Determined and Fine Policies enforced?

When purchasing a home in Telfair you bought into a Deed Restricted Community. Per The Community Charter of Telfair it is the responsibility of each individual homeowner to maintain their home in a neat, attractive, and well-landscaped condition to enhance the overall beauty and aesthetic appeal of the community.

The goal of sending out a deed restriction letter of non-compliance is to help preserve the level of beautification and aesthetic appeal that you as a new homeowner originally bought in to. The community is driven on a monthly basis and the compliance officer looks at many different items, such as but not limited to, trash cans that are visible to public view, dead or dying landscaping, faded wrought iron (fences, balconies, driveway gates or light fixtures) & visible mold/mildew on the home, back of the homes visible from the levee/lake, just to name a few. At no time does the inspector step onto the homeowner’s property. A picture is taken of all violations. If disputed the inspector will go back and take a picture to show the violation, as needed. If a compliance issue is noticed then a courtesy letter is sent. The courtesy letter gives owners 30 days to correct the violation or communicate with the management team. If the correction has not been made when the compliance officer drives the community after the 30 day period then a second letter is sent and a fine is charged to the owner's account. The Community Charter of Telfair, The Fine Policy, as well as any amended By-Laws are located for review on

How do I set myself up to receive e-mail notifications of violations from Sterling ASI?

Owners are encouraged to set up E-mail Notifications. By setting this option up owners get correspondence via e-mail as well as USPS mail.

Step 1: Log in to
Should you need your login information please contact Sterling ASI to obtain login information.
• Phone: 832-678-4500
• Chat: click chat now.
• Email:

Step 2: Once you login into your account you will see Resident Information click on the User Profile tab.

Step 3: After selecting User Profile click the Email Options tab.

Step 4: After selecting the email options please add your preferred valid email address in the place provided.
• Check the notices you wish to receive via email

I was told that we cannot have garage sales in our community. 

Unfortunately, garage sales are not permitted within the community.

How do I get access to the Telfair pools and other amenities?

Residents can access all facilities with a magnetic access key fob provided by the Telfair Community Association. To receive key fobs, residents must complete a New Resident Registration form available by selecting the "Community Documents and Forms" button on the home page of Bring the form to the office at Telfair Central Hall to pick up your key fobs. Two fobs are provided to each owner for free. Additional or replacement fobs are $25 each, payable by check only at the office in Central Hall. A family may have up to four activated fobs at any time. Your fob will allow access to: Telfair Central Hall/pool parking lot, clubhouse, gym, both pools, all tennis courts and the park on Chatham Avenue. It also allows access to restrooms at the park in Avalon at Telfair and Jurgensen Park.

Who should I report a streetlight outage or street sign damage?

Streetlights in the community are maintained by CenterPoint Energy. They do NOT do routine inspections of the lights so the only way to make sure a light is repaired is to contact CenterPoint. You’ll need the 6 digit pole number shown on the pole and the approximate address or intersection. Call them at 713-207-2222 or go to to report the outage online. Online reporting is very easy.

To report street sign damages and/or needed replacement, send an email to with specific location of the street sign needing repair.

When is trash pick-up and curbside recycling in Telfair?

Solid waste and recycling services are provided by the city of Sugar Land through their contractor Republic Waste Services. Service begins automatically when you initiate a water service. The city provides each household with garbage and recycle cart. If you need a different cart size or an additional cart, please contact Republic Services at 713-726-7307 or email The carts have serial numbers and are assigned to the residence. If you move, do not take the carts with you.

If I need to modify the exterior of my home, what do I need to do?

Fill out the Home Improvement Application which can be found under the 'Document Library' tab, submit all required pieces.

The Design Review Committee has up to 45 days after receipt of a completed application to make a decision, so please submit the request far enough ahead of time. For your own protection, do not start the improvement until you have received written approval. The more detail you provide about your improvement, the easier it will be to understand what you plan to do and to make a decision.

Do I have to seek approval for modifications in my backyard?

Yes, any EXTERIOR modifications must be submitted for approval by the Design Review Committee.

Is the Palmetto House open to all Telfair residents?

No. The Palmetto House can only be reserved by the patio section (28, 29, and 30) residents.

How do I reserve the Palmetto House if I am a patio home resident?

Contact Telfair Central Hall for date availability. Reservations are on a first come, first serve basis and are secured by completion of the Palmetto House Facility Use Agreement and submitting it to the office at Central Hall with a $200 security deposit and a $50 cleaning fee payment. Only check and money order are accepted for payment.

When should I contact the Telfair HOA?

The HOA is a private entity that funds and governs the ongoing support for neighborhood standards code enforcement, community activities, and resident related services.

When should I contact the City of Sugar Land?

Please contact the City of Sugar Land for issues pertaining to:

*Police, fire, emergency response
*Streets, traffic signal and signage maintenance
*Trash and recycling services
*Building permits and city code enforcement

A complete list of contact information for the City of Sugar Land can be found at

How do I reserve the Telfair pool for a party after pool hours?

For all Pool Party inquiries please contact Sweetwater Pools at 281-988-8480.

Who should I contact regarding Telfair lake and drainage facility maintenance?

Please contact the Fort Bend Levee Improvement District (FBLID) #17

How deep is the Telfair lake?

The lake in Telfair is 10-12 ft. deep.

What FBISD schools are zoned to Telfair?

Cornerstone Elementary School
1800 Chatham Avenue
Sugar Land, Texas 77479

Colony Meadows Elementary School
4510 Sweetwater Boulevard
Sugar Land, TX 77479

Sartartia Middle School
8125 Homeward Way
Sugar Land, Texas 77479

Fort Settlement Middle School
5440 Elkins Road
Sugar Land, TX 77479

Clements High School
4200 Elkins Road
Sugar Land, TX 77479